WAM Scheme Relaunch for 2014

Following discussions with Trinity College London, who have supported the WAM project from the outset, it has been decided that a new scheme will shortly be launched, under TCL leadership, which  is more specifically tailored to meet the individual requirements of participating schools.
The reason for this is that the requirements of the schools vary considerably in terms of the type of teaching required, the standard of the students, the instruments and the duration of the secondment.
We are delighted that TCL are taking this initiative, building on the success of the WAM project over the past 5 years, to deliver a more sophisticated scheme which more closely matches the needs of each school.  This will replace the existing WAM scheme, which will therefore not operate in 2014.
We are very grateful to all those who have participated in or supported the WAM project to date and we will continue to be closely involved with Trinity College London, both in taking forward the new scheme and in promoting the teaching of Western classical music more generally.